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Apply for a ceremony

In order to begin the application process, please send us a letter that includes: a) your name or how you would like to be known, b) what ceremony you are applying for, c) an intention letter and d) your responses to the "Three invitations to the Soul of Gift." Poetry, zines, seeds, and cat treats, are welcome as well. Our address is:

The Oak and Bone School

PO Box 1450

Boulder, UT 84716

An intention letter is a way for you to begin to deepen into your call to this ceremony at this time. Some helpful questions that lead towards an intent letter are: What currently needs to be marked in your life? What stories have you been carrying that no longer serve and are ready to be buried, and what are the stories who are calling you in? What is the terrain of your life over the past few months and years that has led you to this moment and your wanting to join us in ceremony?

After we receive your letter, we will respond with further instructions, including a series of invitations that will culminate in a phone call with one of our guides. Your acceptance to the ceremony is not secured until after this phone call.

Due to the amount of time it can take to complete this process, we highly recommend applying early, as last-minute or incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Please contact us with any questions. 


Fasach: A Mens Fast - July 27 - Aug 8, 2023

Beholding the Stories of the World - Sep 9 - 16, 2023

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