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Remembering the Gift of Language

In the long ago, Humans were given the gift of language, the gift of story, so that we might behold the world in all its mystery and beauty and wonder. While most of us have forgotten this, and have been using this gift for all manner of absurd and frightening purposes, there are a few who have never forgotten - the poets and bards, the song and story-carriers of the world. 

The power of language and story is our species' unique way of being in the world, and it is a powerful magic indeed. What if we were to take accountability for this gift, for this power, and use it for honoring and celebrating the world? What if we were to allow ourselves to truly see the beauty of the world, and be seen in turn? What might happen? 

For those familiar with the practice of Mirroring as practiced in the tradition of the School of Lost Borders, Beholding is a child of this lineage, taken a step deeper into an Animate world. 

Beholding the Stories

of the Humans - 2021

Spend eight days on the Mountain - tracking ,

hunting, and bringing back your own stories,

as well as learning how to Behold the stories

of others. 


















                                  Beholding the Stories                                    of the World- 2021

                                                                         Spend eight days on the Mountain                                                                                          - tracking , hunting, and bringing back the                                                                            stories, poems, and songs of the world.