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Calling in the Huntress

* Death as an Ally *

A profound fear, denial, hatred, and ignorance of Death lies at the heart of our culture. The monomythic story-palette of our world can be reduced to a culture-hero trying to escape Death, and in doing so, gives birth to the omnicidal beast known as civilization.  We have been running from Lady Death for a long long time, and the results are evident everywhere we look. 

What would happen if we were to meet Death on her terms, remember her compassionate wisdom, give ourselves over to her wild medicine? What if we finally acknowledged the debt of reciprocity owed to Death as beings blessed with the gift of Life? What if we were to take accountability for our inherited death-phobia, pause our frantic flight, and confront this stranger as an ally and friend? What if we called in the Huntress?

This fast will follow the model of four days of grounding and preparation at basecamp, four days of ceremony, and four days of reintegration and celebration.

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