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Solstice and equinox

As the sun dances the rhythm of the seasons across the belly of the earth, we gather at the sacred mountain to offer gratitude to all that sustains us, sit in circle, and share in the abundance of the land.

These are 2-day gatherings designed to be the lowest barrier of entry into the terrain of animism and ceremony that we can manage, knowing that committing to a fast or training is difficult for many folks.

Our Solstice and Equinox ceremonies can be understood as a gathering of runaways from the endlessly self-referential cycles of meaningless absurdity that pass for "culture" in this current iteration of mass society. We suspect that there is a more meaningful, beautiful world that exists on the other side of the horrifying vacuousness of modernity, beyond the monomythic stories of civilization we have been told, beyond the bland palette of imagination that we are allowed to dream within.


We are exploring the possibilities of what it might mean to belong to the world within a community of like-minded folks.


What will we be doing?


The first afternoon and evening will be for setting up camp, introducing the way of council and grounding in place. The second day we will open with the practice of council, introduce the basics of ceremony as we understand it, and invite you to walk on the land for a few hours in a ceremonial space. We will gather in the evening to tell our stories around a fire, have our stories witnessed by others, and share food together. 


On the morning of the third day, we will hold a final council and say our goodbyes, ending at noon. 


Who is this for?


Our Solstice and Equinox gatherings are open to any human who is curious about the terrain of ceremony and animism, members of the community, and friends and family of the school. 


Who will be guiding this?


A rotating cast of guides will be holding the container for these ceremonies.

What about Reciprocation?

The Oak and Bone School operates on a gift economy. For more information on what that means, please visit:

For more details or to RSVP, please apply here

or email

Upcoming 2-day Ceremonies

Spring Equinox: Mar 19-21, 2022


Summer Solstice: June 20-22, 2022


Fall Equinox: Sept. 21-23, 2022

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