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Our Way with Ceremony

Ceremony is the act of remembering how to be meaningfully and spiritually engaged in the world in an authentic way.  Ceremony is a way of working with borders, crossings, thresholds, and transitions - honoring that which is constantly being born and dying both in our own lives and the world around us.  Ceremony is an act of radical accountability, humility, resiliency, and resourcefulness. 

Ceremony is an inquiry into the most basic questions of what it means to be human. What if you had full, legitimate, immediate access to a world of deep magic, mystery, and connection? What if you carried the deep wisdom of your ancestors in your bones? Yes, there are many layers of amnesia, trauma, forced removal, and loss… but then, even deeper, lie the old ones of you - Mystics, Bards, Witches, Cunning-men and Wise-women, Wortcunners and Bone-throwers. They lie within you too, and their accumulated wisdom is waiting for you to listen and trust. 


Our way with ceremony is a Leaf. On one side we must become fully present with the immense Grief of all that has been lost- the aching absence of elders, ceremonies, meaningful initiation rites, etc. This is no small task, but it is necessary. One we turn this Leaf over, however, we discover boundless creativity and imagination. You are most likely the first of your lineage, the first in many generations to claim your birthright, therefore there is no wrong way because no one has done it your way before. Our way with ceremony is having the willingness to take accountability for our inherited cultural poverty, the sensitivity needed to listen and respond to the invitation, and the resourcefulness to start with what we have.

The Oak and Bone School is reclaiming our birthright as ceremonial beings, utilizing the bare-bones of ceremony as gathered and practiced by The School of Lost Borders. 

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