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Three invitations into

the soul of Gift

For those encountering the deep magic of the Gift for the first time, this way of being can be very overwhelming and confusing, as our entire economy and even culture is built on assumptions of scarcity and fear, quite far from the assumptions of the Gift. Therefore, we have created a series of invitations to help guide you into this terrain.



* The First Invitation - You are Worthy *


What if, in the Great Court of Worthiness, you are being weighed, measured, evaluated, scrutinized, inspected from all angles. All of your comings, goings, and doings, all of your beauty and ugliness, all your love, pain, and woundedness, the whole weight and heft and girth of you, the entirety of your intentions and actions thus far in your life - all seen in the context of you doing the best you could with what you had in the moment. All of it - played out right there, in front of you and these Great Judges of Moral Fiber. Brutal.


What if this Great Council adjourned, discussed amongst themselves for what seemed like an eternity, and then, finally, issued their verdict - You are Worthy. You deserve this beautiful thing, this invitation into a bigger imagination, this portal into a magical world. You do not need to do anything to deserve this, you are good enough as you are. It has already been decided. It is so.


If you can locate the feelings of this imagining in your body, even for a brief, fleeting, grief-choked moment, then you are beginning to understand how deeply impoverished our culture's understanding of value and worth is. You do not need to prove yourself worthy, you do not need to convince the world that you have enough value to deserve this beautiful thing. It has already been decided, it is already so. Congratulations.



* The Second Invitation - you have gifts *

What if, in the early gestation-time of you, as you lay dormant in your mother's womb, the Great Council of Human-Making had assembled there with you. In that small, dark, warm space, they each drew upon their various skills, tools, enchantments, and potions, and mixed together a wicked brew, a potent conjunction of lineage and destiny, a recipe for deep magic.

Then, they solemnly placed this magic in your chest, trusting that the world would help you learn to understand and use it in service to Life.


What if, in those early days and years of being human, your people did not see, feel, hear,  understand, or appreciate, your magic. What if they actually punished, shamed, or laughed at it? Maybe they even did all three? What if you had to learn to ignore and hide this magic, because the world you were surrounded with could never understand or value it? 


If you can locate the feelings of this imagining in your body, even for a brief, fleeting, grief-choked moment, then you are beginning to understand why we have accepted the malnourished understanding of value that the Commodity has offered us. But perhaps, for one who has been told that their inestimable gifts are a joke or an absurd fantasy, it is somewhat of a relief to not be held accountable for your gifts, for your potential, for your true value. 


We believe that you carry beauty, gifts, skills and magic that are far more interesting and powerful and helpful and valuable than any amount of money. This is an invitation for you to begin being accountable for your gifts, to take yourself and your magic seriously. 



* The Third Invitation - a bigger imagination *

What if, in the impossibly absurd confluence of time and space that is you, reading this series of invitations right now, you begin to notice that the bars and walls and chains of the story of the Commodity are beginning to loosen and soften. Suddenly, they seem less like an iron-clad reality and more like a small cage that you didn’t realize you had been living in until just now, and the door is suddenly - open.


What if you gave yourself permission to step out of that cage, if even for just a minute? What if you stood up, stretched, and allowed yourself the beautiful expansiveness of that moment? What if you noticed what it felt like to have a bigger imagination than Capitalism? 


If you can locate the feelings of this imagining in your body, even for a brief, fleeting, grief-choked moment, then you are ready to begin working with the deep magic of the Gift. If you can hold the belief that "I am worthy" in one hand, and "I have something beautiful to offer" in the other, then your imagination is already starting to claim its true place in the world. 



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