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Mission Statement


founding principles

Mission Statement


We believe in the wisdom of story and the innate intelligence contained within each of us that invites us to be a part of stories greater than ourselves. We believe that each human carries the bones of these stories in their souls and we have made it our life’s work to invite these bones to be fleshed into being and connected with others, both human and non-human. We believe in reviving the old ways and inviting remembrance and belonging to an animate world through wild food and medicine, community living and responsibility, ceremony, ancestral skills, poetry, song, myth, and tending wild spaces. 


Who we serve


Many humans have experienced deep suffering, confusion, and alienation at the hands of a culture so deeply disconnected from itself. The wandering, questioning, mistrust, and collection of disparate, dismembered experiences that pass for initiation in our culture have proven insufficient for these humans. We believe that humans are meant for a larger, more beautiful and meaningful story. We trust the intelligence and benevolence of the stories that are latent in our bones and recognize the felt need for a supportive, communal container to allow these stories to be remembered.


This is not a new way of doing things, rather it is the oldest way. A way of connection, meaning, initiation, and living in service to life, death, and reciprocal relationships with both the human and non-human world. We reverently serve and trust the mystery, wildness, and vast potentiality that lies on either side of the fragile boundary of Self that we have so delicately constructed at the edge of our skin. 

Founding Principles


* You Belong to an Animate World *

We are committed to the project of belonging to an

animate world - a world of ensouled beings who are

also participating in the story of the world, right

alongside you. Everything is alive, intelligent, and

worthy of beauty and respect - plants, animals, rivers,

mountains, fungi, insects, and even humans.





                      * You Belong to a Village *

                                               Humans belong in villages, with all the accountability and                                                    enrichment that a village provides. Living with other                                                            humans who are willing and capable of inviting the most                                                      beautiful parts of us forward helps us deepen into our                                                          most courageous story. Community in a                                                                                  village means cultivating relationships with those who will not                                          not allow us to protect our egos or hide behind our fears. 







* You belong to your Soul *

We believe there is a story you were born to

carry into the world that is so much bigger and

more beautiful than anything you could possibly

imagine. This is not the story that your family, your

culture, or your fears want you to be, but your own

story, the one you carry in your bones.








                      * Remembering how to be Human *


                                           We are not teaching anything new, rather, we are                                                                  remembering that there are ways of being that we were born                                              with. We are remembering the most basic functions of what it                                          means to be an animal - how to feed, clothe, heal, and                                                        shelter ourselves as well as ways of being in relationship with                                              the world.









* Remembering Reciprocity

              and value *

We are remembering the old agreements between

Humans and the World, between Life and Death.

We are remembering the language of reciprocity and

the power of the Gift. Our culture has forgotten these 

agreements and reduced them to Money, the language

of the Commodity, and we are committed to not

continuing this tradition. We believe humans carry deep

wisdom, power, and skills that are far more beautiful and

interesting than money. We believe there is an intelligent

benevolence at the heart of the universe, an

abundant generosity that our culture has forgotten






                                 * Remembering the Gift

                                         of Language *


                                                             We believe that the gifts of language and story                                                                      were given to Humans for a very specific reason,                                                                  and we are committed to remembering and                                                                          practicing it.  We are learning what it means to                                                                      use our magic to give the stories, poems, and                                                                       songs of the world back to itself. We are                                                                                remembering  what being human is for.

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