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the soul of Gift

A deep inquiry into the Soul of Gift lies at the heart of the Oak and Bone School. We are deepening into and exploring the question of value. How does one assign value to a ceremony, a wild food or medicine journey, a profoundly beautiful human experience, etc.? Our culture has a simple answer to this question: Money. Money states that value can only be expressed through the simplistic language of the Commodity. Indeed, there is almost no other way of understanding or expressing value outside of this reduced format anymore.

We believe that the gifts, skills, and magic that humans carry are far more potent and valuable than could ever fit on the small scrap of a price tag. We are committed to a bigger imagination than Money, than the Commodity, than Capitalism. We are committed to a bigger story, and we are inviting you to explore and participate along with us.

We also realize that this invitation, while beautiful, might feel a bit inaccessible and overwhelming to many folks who have spent their entire lives within the narrow confines of monetary exchange. Therefore, we have prepared a few resources to help facilitate this shift in consciousness. 

If you are applying for a course, please visit the Three Invitations into the Soul of Gift page.

For a list of skill, tools, and things that the School is currently in need of, please visit The Wishlist.


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